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Hudson Technologies: Focuses on Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions

The company strongly supports the circular economy for refrigerants.

SMEBROctober 23, 17:36
Hudson Technologies: Focuses on Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions

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At Hudson Technologies, everything revolves around refrigerants and how they impact the performance of chillers, which are machines that cool air or liquids. From selling and reclaiming refrigerants to solving problems on-site and evaluating energy savings, Hudson leads the industry in making sure chillers run at peak efficiency.

Hudson strongly supports the circular economy for refrigerants. This means reusing refrigerants instead of letting them harm the environment. Hudson's commitment to protecting the planet is central to their business. The company has proven, reliable programs that meet sustainability needs. From start to finish - selling, recovering, cleaning, and reusing refrigerants - Hudson provides eco-friendly solutions for refrigerant needs. With reclamation facilities across the US, Hudson makes it easy to recycle refrigerants.

Whether customers need to buy or sell refrigerants in small 30-pound containers or railcars holding thousands of pounds, Hudson can accommodate any size. If refrigerants need reclaiming (recycling), Hudson handles that too. They are the largest refrigerant reclamation company nationwide for good reason!

What also makes Hudson unique is their nationwide on-site refrigerant services, critical for emergencies. For urgent situations, they are the leader in Refrigerant Side services. Hudson has developed many patented processes that fix issues much faster than traditional methods. In many cases, their services can be done online, preventing costly downtime.

When it comes to testing oil and refrigerants, Hudson has reinvented the process by providing more useful details about a chiller's health. This information helps customers stay on budget and avoid emergency shutdowns.

Using patented software, Hudson's skilled chemists and engineers optimize chillers while lowering operating costs by reducing energy use – decreasing environmental impact.