Just In: Alaska Airlines to Acquire Hawaiian Airlines in $1.9 Billion Deal

“What we saw here was a unique opportunity in time at the valuation that we saw Hawaiian at.”

Global Aviation's Commitment to Safety: A Multifaceted Approach to Ensuring Secure Skies for Passengers Worldwide

These combined safety measures highlight the aviation sector's steadfast dedication to providing secure and reliable air travel for passengers and cargo on a global scale.

Revolutionizing the Skies: Sustainable Solutions Propel Aviation Fuel Market Beyond Traditional Boundaries

The aviation fuel market is experiencing a broadening of its product portfolio as it adapts to the evolving landscape of aviation technology, with electric and hybrid aircraft gradually gaining traction and reshaping the dynamics of fuel consumption in the aerospace sector.

Strategic Alliance for Sustainability: Academia and Industry Unite in Pioneering Effort to Slash Emissions in Airport Operations

“Addressing the future challenges faced by the aviation industry will require high degrees of collaboration to develop integrated solutions. This is an excellent example of industry and academia working together to understand the real issues and find opportunities to move forward in a viable and sustainable way.”