Space & Defense

We’re Very Pleased with the Amount Raised and Grateful to NewSpace Capital and Knife Capital for Choosing to Back us: Johann Du Toit of Simera Sense

Satellite imagery has a central role to play in helping us solve problems here on Earth, and the dynamism and growth of the Earth observation and wider space market reflect that.

This Seed Extension (of €1.3M) will Accelerate our Time to Market for our Life Sciences Service with Phoenix and Larger Projects like LEO Cargo Return: Sebastian Klaus of ATMOS Space Cargo

“OTB is a very experienced space and deeptech investor with successful portfolio companies like ICEYE or ClearSpace. I met Wojtek first at an ESA Investor Forum, and while OTB usually invests at Series A, this early investment into ATMOS is a great sign of trust.”

Skylo Technologies: Redefining Connectivity with Seamless Satellite Integration for Smart Devices

“Today marks a significant milestone in the telecommunications industry.”

Defense Dynamics: Global Arms Industry Thrives on Increased Demand and Strategic International Trade

While the arms industry has economic advantages, it is also a subject of ethical considerations and debates.

Can Laws Control Military AI Before It's Too Late?

Rapid advances in thinking weapons spark worries over ethics and accountability.

EU Launches Three Space Missions to Test In-Orbit Tech

“It is demonstrating, once more, that the EU is playing an active role in space.”