Beth Karawan's Vision Comes to Life: ImprintCX Redefines Customer Experiences with Strategic Innovation

“We help you solve your customer challenges in innovative, effective, exciting ways.”

Sheila McGee-Smith is a Celebrated Customer Care and Enterprise Communications Industry Thought Leader

Sheila’s professional achievements include crafting comprehensive market research studies on contact centers, enterprise telephony, data networking, and the wireless market for various clients.

CX Visionary Jo van Riemsdijk is Pioneering Customer Experience Recruitment with CX Talent Ltd

There is increasing evidence of a direct link between customer satisfaction and profit, and yet, recruiting for Customer Experience is notoriously challenging.

As a Customer Experience Advisory Firm, We Take a Holistic Approach to Examining the Customer Journey and Identifying Challenges in Your Organization: Lauren Feehrer of LoyaltyCraft Consulting

“We listen first to the voices of employees, customers, and partners. We then facilitate deeper conversations to get to the moments that matter.”

Strategic Visionary Susanna Baqué Drives Global Customer Experience Innovation at SCIEX

“The most significant overall impact has been a sustained revenue growth and life time value, and the adoption of CX as part of company culture.”

Driving Positive Change in Australia through Transformative Customer Experiences and Community Empowerment: Anita Siassios

Anita has over 30 years of experience with Fortune's top 20 multinational organizations, including ANZ Banking Group, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, and Colonial First State.

A Seasoned Professional with Significant Hands-on Industry and Analyst Experience: Melissa O’Brien

Her unwavering dedication is evident in her thorough examination of pivotal dynamics within the retail, CPG, travel, and hospitality sectors.

The ‘Godmother’ of Customer Experience: Jeanne Bliss

Since 2002, Jeanne has extended her guidance to over 20,000 leaders worldwide, underscoring the importance of prioritizing the enhancement of lives as a fundamental strategic vision.