As a Customer Experience Advisory Firm, We Take a Holistic Approach to Examining the Customer Journey and Identifying Challenges in Your Organization: Lauren Feehrer of LoyaltyCraft Consulting

“We listen first to the voices of employees, customers, and partners. We then facilitate deeper conversations to get to the moments that matter.”

SMEBRNovember 20, 21:12
Lauren Feehrer of LoyaltyCraft Consulting

Upon Lauren Feehrer's graduation, she inherited her Grandfather's cherished briefcase, a possession that holds sentimental value. The leather of the briefcase, with its smooth and supple texture, displayed signs of wear with tattered edges and a faint creaking. Carrying it instilled a sense of pride, a constant reminder of the decades of dedication, perseverance, and hard work that paved the way to her current position.

“I remember the laughs from my fellow Accenture consultants on my first day at the office with their fresh black laptop bags slung securely over their shoulders.”

Lauren's Grandfather, a small business owner in a historic New England mill town, operated without the modern amenities of a website or social media presence. His customers placed implicit trust in him, and he knew each one by name, fostering enduring relationships.

These principles became the cornerstone of LoyaltyCraft Consulting. Guided by Lauren's perspective, LoyaltyCraft's consulting services take a comprehensive approach to the customer journey, dismantling departmental silos. Some of the questions LoyaltyCraft’s team examines include:

·How is the brand perceived in the marketplace?

·How is customer engagement measured, and what metrics inform decision-making?

·What are the customer touchpoints, and how is meaningful follow-up ensured?

·What characterizes the company culture, and to what extent is employee engagement cultivated?

At LoyaltyCraft, Lauren is committed to assisting organizations in identifying and overcoming challenges within their structures. Through collaboration, the aim is to drive key improvements that result in exceptional customer experiences, ultimately bolstering profitability. Allow LoyaltyCraft to be the guiding force in cultivating enduring customer relationships.

“We are passionate about helping you identify the current challenges in your organization and working with you to drive key improvements, resulting in great customer experiences that will increase profitability,” said Lauren.

Lauren Feehrer, president, founded LoyaltyCraft Consulting in 2016. The company meticulously explores various facets, including brand recognition, monitoring customer engagement, assessing customer touchpoints, and evaluating company culture, as part of its committed endeavor to elevate your customer experience.

“We listen first to the voices of employees, customers, and partners. We then facilitate deeper conversations to get to the moments that matter.”

This information was extracted from Lauren’s LinkedIn profile.