AI and Search Engines Clash: The Battle for the Future of Information Access

The battle between search engines and AI platforms is a complex interplay of competition for user attention, revenue, technological innovation, and ethical challenges.

TravelPerk Attracts $104 Million Investment to Expand its Hyper-Growth Business Travel Platform

We have a clear focus: building the number one SaaS business travel platform for SMB and Mid-Tier companies in Europe and the US.

Funding Alert: TrusTrace Raises $24 Million to Support its Global Expansion Efforts and Drive Innovations in Sustainable Supply Chain Traceability

“A growing number of fashion and textile brands are adopting traceability to support their sustainability goals and ensure competitiveness in the face of mounting regulations and consumer pressure.”

Fastest Growing Connectbase is Bridging Gaps and Driving Growth in the Connectivity Sector through Innovative B2B SaaS Solutions

“We are excited to welcome the MasterStream team and customer base into the Connectbase ecosystem, and further unite the supply and demand of connectivity for suppliers, buyers and the channel partners driving growth in the market.”

Pipedrive Welcomes Phillip Mellet as the New General Counsel

I’m excited and humbled to join the team at Pipedrive at this transformational time in the company. My goal is to contribute my expertise to the continued success and further growth of the company.

Amazon Unveils Powerful Serverless Innovations at AWS re:Invent, Redefining Database Management and Optimization

We're introducing a limitless database that takes care of all that sharding automatically.

Google Gemini is Poised to Revolutionize AI

We are building our next generation of models with Gemini and I am extraordinarily excited at the innovation coming ahead. I expect it to be a golden age of innovation ahead and can't wait to bring all the innovations to more people.

An In-Depth Look at the Expanding DBMS Industry

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the DBMS market is expected to recover and continue its growth in the coming years.

Stratodesk and Citrix Team Up for Next-Level Secure Workspaces

Together, Stratodesk NoTouch OS and Citrix Workspace make a powerful team.

SaaS Loans: Uncapped Expands Geographical Footprint, Secures £200M to Offer Services to US and European Entrepreneurs

Private equity firm Fortress Investment Group provides debt facility to Uncapped for expansion.

M2M & Hypha Partner with Starlink & Peplink for Reliable Satellite Communications

Our partnership with Hypha is a landmark moment for critical communication.

Salesforce Code Builder: AI Promises and Pitfalls

Code Builder is a web-based integrated development environment that has all the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code, Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, and Salesforce CLI in your web browser. However, it's important to be aware of potential drawbacks as well.

AlmaLinux Charts its Own Open Source Path

We will continue to aim to produce an enterprise-grade, long-term distribution of Linux that is aligned and ABI compatible with RHEL in response to our community's needs, to the extent it is possible to do, such that software that runs on RHEL will run the same on AlmaLinux

Google Meet Boosts Video Quality with 1080p Support in Group Calls

Google Workspace users can now enjoy higher-quality video streaming during group meetings.