Bio Tech

With this Funding, We’re Taking a Major Step Towards the Clinical Validation of our Technology in Glaucoma and then in Macular Edema: Jean Garrec of BIOPHTA

“Our ambition does not stop here, and we remain fully dedicated to bringing sight-saving therapies to all patients in need of simple and efficient treatments,” said Jean Garrec, founder and CEO of BIOPHTA.”

We Want to Help Two Billion People to Prevent and Recover from Iron Deficiency and Anemia, Says Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson Following Investment Influx

“I know what lack of iron can do to a person, as I was one of the millions of women suffering from it.”

UK Biotech Firm Clean Food Group Secures £2.5M Investment to Revolutionize Sustainable Oils and Fats Industry

“The capital raised with Clean Growth Fund will allow us to accelerate the scale-up of our technology platform while advancing critical regulatory and commercial pathways, with a fully funded commercialisation plan in place well into 2025.”

We’re Delighted to have Attracted a Group of High-Quality Investors to Support the Early Development of Our Novel Program toward CTA Filing to Enter the Clinic: Jackie Turnbull of IsomAb Ltd

“IsomAb’s lead program targeting VEGF-A165b aims to treat peripheral arterial disease in the large proportion of patients with concomitant metabolic syndrome and Type II diabetes.”

IMU Biosciences Raises £11.5 Million in Series A Funding to Advance Revolutionary Techbio Solutions in Immune-Powered Precision Medicine

With our technology, we’re building the world's largest immune data assets across health and disease, which allows us to perform analyses with a level of depth and granularity that was previously unthinkable.

Insect-Tech: Nasekomo is Shaping the Future of Agriculture with Sustainable Insect Farming and Protein Revolution

The insect industry, central to Nasekomo’s mission, addresses pressing sustainability concerns on multiple fronts.

Biotech Brilliance: Strategic Innovations Driving Global Impact and Sustained Growth

The biotech industry's multifaceted approach, blending scientific ingenuity, collaborative partnerships, and a dedication to addressing global health needs, is poised to shape its trajectory toward sustained growth and impactful innovation.

Hudson Technologies: Focuses on Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions

The company strongly supports the circular economy for refrigerants.