Strategic Visionary Susanna Baqué Drives Global Customer Experience Innovation at SCIEX

“The most significant overall impact has been a sustained revenue growth and life time value, and the adoption of CX as part of company culture.”

SMEBRNovember 18, 15:59
SCIEX's Baqué leads glb customer exp. Innovation as strategic visionary.

Since 2014, Susanna has been at the helm of customer experience at SCIEX, spearheading significant progress in the life sciences tech firm. Through research, benchmarking, strategic planning, and the formation of a team of CX ambassadors, she has played a pivotal role in the company's development. In the last two years, Susanna has extended her influence, taking on the responsibility of implementing CX strategy across all entities within the Danaher Corporation, SCIEX's parent company.

During this period, Susanna initiated and managed major projects, including the launch of a customer journey Voice of Customer (VOC) program aimed at gathering insights and feedback. Recently, the program was enhanced with a new framework, the Customer Experience Improvement system, leveraging AI and machine learning to assist leaders in decision-making and prioritizing customer experience initiatives.

Dedicated to enhancing customer support on a global scale, new customer experience centers were established, featuring specialized remote technical support across all regions. Integration work completed this year further empowers employees to assist customers effectively. The introduction of a customer portal, designed as a digital ecosystem, allows customers to manage their labs and relationships with SCIEX. This portal includes a comprehensive learning hub with self-paced technical training content and an extensive knowledge base for self-help. Continual upgrades, informed by customer feedback, are underway, with a particular focus on overhauling self-help tools to better cater to customer insights.

Additionally, Susanna introduced a customer onboarding program to expedite customers' goal achievement, providing optimal support from the beginning of their journey. She also implemented new customer-centric KPIs alongside traditional metrics like NPS and CSAT, including the Net Easy Score for all journey touchpoints, both in-person and digital, and a customer portal engagement score.

These initiatives have significantly improved customer-centric KPIs, with notable enhancements in Net Promoter Score, Net Easy Score, response times, and customer portal engagement scores. Susanna's most impactful achievement, however, lies in the notable revenue growth and lifetime value, coupled with the establishment of a CX-centric company culture under her guidance.

“The most significant overall impact has been a sustained revenue growth and life time value, and the adoption of CX as part of company culture. Our mature CX processes and systems, including our Omnichannel implementation and our digital ecosystem centered around SCIEX Customer Portal, has helped to continue providing great support and customer experience, as well as enabling internal teams to be more efficient and empowered to better serve our customers,” said Susanna Baqué.