Transportation & Logistics

We’re Excited to Work Together to Make Driving More Safe and Enjoyable: Tero Sarkkinen (of Basemark) on Collaborating with New Investors

“We are pleased to welcome new investors Tesi and Constructor Capital onboard, as well as thank our existing investor ETF for their continued support.”

Zum Revolutionizes Student Transportation, Offering Sustainable Solutions for Grid Charging and Carbon-Neutral Operations across 4,000+ Schools Nationwide

“Zum is on a mission to revolutionize student transportation, moving beyond the status quo towards a future where innovative technologies are used to advance sustainability efforts.”

TUNL Raises $1M to Revolutionize E-commerce Shipping, Eyes Global Expansion

It’s all about helping the merchant succeed because if you have one shipping option at checkout that’s expensive and the customer has two choices, they can abandon that cart or decide to pay the money.

Eagle Bulk Shipping: Delivering Global Commodities with Efficiency and Versatility

The company is a US-based ship-owner-operator with a focus on dry bulk transportation.