Legal AI Pioneer Luminance Secures $40M in Series B Funding, Sets Sights on Global Expansion

“This latest round of funding will help us to bring our technology to new markets, strengthen our foothold in the United States where Luminance now generates over one third of its revenue, and solidify our position as the clear market leader in this space.”

Brandtech's Strategic Move: Introduces Global CFO Alongside $115MM Infusion to Accelerate Lead in Gen AI

“I relish partnering with David, Jean-Marc and the Brandtech team to play a key role in the disruption of marketing.”

Qloo has Always Been at the Forefront of Merging Cultural Knowledge with Advanced AI to Create a Reliable Source of Truth for Insights into Consumer Tastes and Our World: Alex Elias Remarks on Raising $25M in Funding

“For over a decade, we have been committed to refining our cultural data science, and we are now entering an exhilarating phase of expansion fueled by the growing importance of privacy and the democratization of AI technology.”

Armilla AI Raises $4.5M in Seed Funding to Expand Armilla Guaranteed™ Assurance Platform, De-Risking AI Adoption for Enterprises

“With so many ways to integrate AI into a business, one of the biggest challenges for enterprises is being confident in what they are procuring from third-party AI vendors. If one of those products breaks down, it’s the enterprise that takes the hit.”

Sora Serves as a Foundation for Models that can Understand and Simulate the Real World: OpenAI

“The world is multimodal. If you think about the way we, as humans, process the world and engage with the world, we see things, we hear things, we say things—the world is much bigger than text.”

This Funding Round (of $3.1m) will Enable us to Continue our Global Growth and Double Down on the Business Cases that are Working so Well: Dr Timo Kunz of AudioStack

“There is huge market potential for AudioStack and this pre-Series A round will build on the impressive momentum the team have already achieved.”

DataSnipper Attracts $100M in Series B Funding, Achieves $1B Valuation to Empower Auditors with AI Innovations

“DataSnipper is on a mission to change the culture of audit and unlock auditors and finance professionals to do their best work – applying specialized skills rather than scouring files to verify data.”

Wondercraft Raises $3 Million Seed Round to Expand Its AI-Powered Audio Studio for Creators

Canva made everyone a designer – we want to empower everyone to be an audio creator.