Healthcare & MedTech

Vitestro Attracts $22M Funding to Revolutionize Healthcare with Autonomous Blood Drawing Technology

Early feedback from hospitals, staff and patients has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are eager to quickly expand our reach and impact globally.

MedTech's Surge: How Innovation is Transforming Patient Care

MedTech maintains a steady pace of change as technology fuels innovation and reshapes healthcare practices.

HHP Enters New Phase of Growth, Promotes Meg Finn to VP of Marketing

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Meg with us, and I look forward to the continued innovation and success her leadership will bring.”

Code Blue to Digital Hue: The Reshaping of Healthcare by Health Tech

Health tech has revolutionized the healthcare sector by leveraging digital innovations to improve patient care, diagnostics, treatment efficacy, and operational efficiency.

This Investment from a Highly Experienced International Investor Syndicate will Accelerate Access to and Adoption of our Therapy: Reinhard Krickl of Phagenesis

“We will invest in exceptional talent to scale up our customer outreach and to support passionate clinicians who want to bring our therapy to those who need it. Our novel and proven therapy can help the millions of patients every year who suffer from swallowing disorders.”

OrganOx: Innovating Organ Transplantation with Revolutionary Preservation Technology

OrganOx's pioneering medical device, the metra™ system, represents a significant advancement in organ preservation and transplantation technology.

Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Genomics Raises £35M Funding to Propel Innovations in Polygenic Risk Scores

Our vision is that in 10 to 15 years of time, genetic information will be ubiquitous in the healthcare system.

NETRIS Pharma Bolsters Funding with €7.5 Million Extension in Series A, Accelerating Breakthroughs in Cancer Resistance

NETRIS Pharma continues to deliver on its overall development plan despite challenging times for biotech fundraising.