'Make an Emotional Connection': Bill Quiseng on How to Build Customer Loyalty

Top-down leadership will not improve the customer experience. Listen to the front-line and then act. They know the customer.

SMEBROctober 15, 21:27
Building Customer Loyalty: Insights from Customer Service Expert Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng is a customer experience expert who emphasizes building relationships and making human connections with customers. As an author, speaker and CX leader, Quiseng spotlights the critical role that frontline staff play in providing personalized, emotional brand experiences.

"To earn new customers, don’t try to get inside their heads. Get inside their hearts. Make an emotional connection," Quiseng advises. This mantra reflects his philosophy - CX should be beyond transactions and foster meaningful bonds.

In his keynotes and workshops, Quiseng trains frontline workers on service strategies that go beyond scripts and checklists. He arms attendees with tips for displaying empathy, actively listening and creating rapport with customers. 

Quiseng stresses that "Top-down leadership will not improve the customer experience. Listen to the front-line and then act. They know the customer."

As the Chief Experience Officer of billquiseng.com and the General Manager at Marriott Vacation Club Pulse in San Diego, Quiseng brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his service training portfolio. His real-world exposure to frontline associates allows him to provide valuable guidance on building meaningful customer relationships.

Quiseng's philosophy revolves around the idea that successful businesses prioritize relationships. He encourages organizations to go beyond transactional interactions and focus on creating genuine connections with their customers. By doing so, businesses can foster loyalty and long-term customer satisfaction.

With decades of experience across industries like hospitality and finance, Quiseng offers insights tailored to various business contexts. Yet his core message remains consistent - the heart of great CX is human connection.

On his website and in his book Think Relationships or Go Broke, Quiseng provides relationship-building frameworks rooted in psychology and neuroscience. But he also emphasizes the "soft skills" like self-awareness, vulnerability and gratitude that underpin lasting bonds between people.

In an age of increasingly automated, dehumanized transactions, Bill Quiseng is a necessary voice advocating for more heart in CX. He reminds us that behind every customer interaction is a fundamental human desire to be seen, heard and valued. Quiseng teaches brands how to fulfill this need and turn customers into loyal advocates.