Enhancing Hybrid Work: Cisco's Latest Innovations at WebexOne 2023

“Most consequential WebexOne event.”

SMEBROctober 27, 23:26
Enhancing Hybrid Work: Cisco's Latest Innovations at WebexOne 2023

The tech company Cisco just announced a bunch of new collaboration products at an event called WebexOne. Cisco makes popular tools for video meetings, calls, and customer service known as Webex. With more folks working from home lately, Cisco is trying to improve Webex to stay on top.

Several new Webex products take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to make online teamwork easier. For example, Cisco's Webex AI Assistant now suggests responses for customer service agents chatting with clients online. This helps agents communicate better. The AI Assistant can generate concise summaries of meetings and messages, enabling users to catch up quickly.

To enhance video meetings, Cisco launched a new device called the Room Kit EQX. It uses AI to make high-quality video calls easy to set up across different office locations. The Room Kit EQX works nicely with Microsoft Teams too.

For customer service agents, Webex Contact Center got some cool AI upgrades as well. These include features like automatically detecting when agents are burnt out and need a break. AI will also suggest responses to customer questions to help agents work faster.

Cisco announced a deeper partnership with Apple too. Users can now access Webex on the Apple TV to join meetings from the big screen. An Apple Watch app lets you join audio meetings straight from your wrist.

Cisco's goal with these new products is to make Webex even better for hybrid work, where people split time between office and home. The AI features aim to make collaboration smarter and easier.

According to Cisco's executive, Jeetu Patel, this year's WebexOne reveals were a big deal. “Most consequential WebexOne even,” he said.

With remote work here to stay, Cisco wants to keep Webex top-of-mind when companies renew their collaboration tools. The high-tech upgrades showcase how Cisco uses AI and partnerships to innovate.

By mixing AI with devices like the Room Kit EQX, Cisco hopes to show it's leading the way in advanced, flexible collaboration tech. The simpler Apple integrations also expand Webex's reach. As hybrid work evolves, Cisco is betting big that its latest tools will become must-have upgrades.

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