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Hiconics Redefines Residential Energy Storage Systems with the Launch of New Series

HiEnergy and WISDOM series offer intelligent solutions for energy independence.

SMEBROctober 30, 15:45
Hiconics Redefines residential energy storage systems


Hiconics, a leading provider of eco-friendly energy products, recently showcased their latest home energy storage systems at a prominent solar energy event in Belgium. With a focus on setting new standards for residential energy storage, Hiconics presented a diverse range of options to cater to different energy needs across Europe.

Redefining Residential Energy Storage:

Unlike their competitors, Hiconics introduced a comprehensive lineup of home energy storage systems, including the HiEnergy and WISDOM series. These innovative solutions offer tailored one-phase and three-phase systems, empowering homeowners to achieve energy independence. With multiple modes to meet diverse energy requirements, Hiconics is revolutionising the way residential energy storage is approached.

Safety, Convenience, and Smart Technology:

The new HiEnergy series boasts several key features, including explosion protection, temperature control, and water/dust-proofing. Its pre-wired modular design enables quick and hassle-free installation, reducing wiring risks. Meanwhile, the standout product, the WISDOM Series, is specifically designed for colder regions, providing enhanced protection. With a capacity of up to 69kWh, it maximizes self-sufficiency and offers comprehensive home energy solutions.

AI-Powered Energy Management App: 

To complement their cutting-edge hardware, Hiconics has developed an AI-powered energy management app. As the demand for green living grows, this app allows homeowners to customize their energy usage. By analysing real-time data on the environment and energy loads, users can optimise their energy consumption and make informed decisions. This smart technology empowers individuals to live more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyles.

In conclusion, Hiconics' unveiling of their new home energy storage systems at the solar energy event in Belgium marks a significant milestone in the industry. With their HiEnergy and WISDOM series, Hiconics has set new standards for residential energy storage, offering a diverse range of options to cater to different energy needs. The emphasis on safety, convenience, and smart technology, coupled with the AI-powered energy management app, demonstrates Hiconics' commitment to empowering homeowners across Europe to embrace sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyles.