Monaco Government Enhances Data Security and Digital Impact with VMware Cloud

Government of Monaco Boosts Data Security and Digital Impact with VMware Sovereign Cloud

SMEBROctober 17, 10:53
Monaco Government Enhances Data Security and Digital Impact with VMware Cloud

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Data confidentiality and security is paramount.

Monaco Cloud, by VMware Sovereign Cloud services, has been chosen by the Government of Monaco to enhance data security, confidentiality, and digital services for the country, its citizens, and businesses. This move represents a significant step towards strengthening Monaco's data protection credentials and accelerating its digital transformation goals.

As a sovereign nation not governed by EU regulations, the sovereignty over data is crucial for Monaco to comply with data protection laws while leveraging the cloud system's power.

Monaco Cloud, as a VMware Sovereign Cloud partner, will operate the Government's sovereign cloud and support the "Extended Monaco" program. This program aims to make digital technology the foundation of all public policies and services in Monaco. With the help of Monaco Cloud, the Country can move closer to becoming an important digital hub, leading projects in areas such as digital health, e-education, and smart cities.

The key benefits for the Government of Monaco include accelerated digital transformation, enhanced data security, guaranteed resiliency, and economic benefits for organizations, especially smaller businesses.

The VMware Sovereign Cloud empowers Monaco to implement innovative digital services quickly and securely, improving citizen experiences and providing competitive advantages for businesses. 

Jean Charles, CIO for the Government of Monaco said, “Data confidentiality and security is paramount.”

By ensuring data remains within Monaco's borders, the Government can comply with data protection regulations and protect national interests.

Additionally, Monaco Cloud's infrastructure is based in Monaco, and data will be backed up to a site owned by Monaco's e-Embassy in Luxembourg, ensuring continuity of operations.

The sovereign cloud marks an important advancement for Monaco. By teaming with VMware and Monaco Cloud, the government can make use of the power of the cloud to provide better digital services and experiences to its citizens and businesses. At the same time, it retains control and sovereignty over sensitive data through localized infrastructure and operations.