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US Food and Drink Brands Making Waves in the UK Market

Prime, Liquid Death, and Feastables are capturing the attention of British consumers, but what sets them apart?

SMEBROctober 17, 10:45
US Food and Drink Brands Making Waves in the UK Market

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US food and drink brands have taken the UK market by storm, with products like Prime, Liquid Death, and Feastables gaining popularity. These brands have successfully tapped into the British consumer's appetite for unique and exciting offerings. But what exactly is driving their success, and can it be sustained?

YouTube stars like Logan Paul and MrBeast used their fame to promote Prime and Feastables. Martha Stewart collaborated with Liquid Death to promote their brand. Their social media power attracted the UK youth.

Energy drink Prime's UK launch in October caused a frenzy. Despite limited stock, sales soared to £107m by August 2023 showing ongoing demand.

But Prime is not the only US brand that’s in demand in the UK. Liquid Death, a sparkling and flavored water brand, and Feastables, the "healthier" chocolate brand, have also recently launched in the UK. These brands have leveraged the power of social media and celebrity endorsements to generate interest and excitement.

However, celebrity endorsements alone are not enough. The product itself must deliver on taste to keep shoppers coming back. US brands launching in the UK need to offer better quality than the products already available, as imported products may struggle to compete on value due to higher costs.

Additionally, US brands must understand and cater to the differences in shopper expectations. American chocolate, for example, tastes different from British chocolate, and this can impact consumer reviews and preferences.

Convenience retailers have recognized the potential of US brands and are making efforts to create dedicated sections for these products. However, breaking into supermarkets is more challenging, as brands must prove their worth and explain why their products are as good as UK-made alternatives.

Despite these challenges, US brands that adapt their products to suit each market and focus on steady growth over time are likely to succeed. Building credibility and establishing themselves as trusted brands will be key to their long-term success in the UK market.