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Cross-European Clinic Breaking Healthcare Barriers

AIP Clinic, an innovative medical startup, is breaking down borders and transforming healthcare

SMEBROctober 17, 10:47
Cross-European Clinic Breaking Healthcare Barriers

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AIP Clinic, an innovative medical startup, is breaking down borders and transforming healthcare across Europe.  AIP has launched the first international digital hospital providing medical services throughout the EU. The virtual facility uses artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve accessibility.

The clinic's flagship platform, AIPDerm, offers complete remote dermatological care from diagnosis to treatment. Patients simply upload a photo of their skin condition, which AI analyzes before a doctor makes the final diagnosis and recommends treatment.

The AI system behind AIPDerm has been trained on nearly 2.5 million images and can successfully diagnose over 700 skin conditions. According to AIP Clinic's founder, Fazekas István, 72% of dermatological problems can be fully treated through AIPDerm, freeing up capacity for urgent cases that require face-to-face care. This system streamlines medical tasks, increasing doctors' efficiency tenfold and addressing the current global doctor shortage.

This streamlined process allows each doctor to review 40 cases per hour, a 10x increase over traditional in-person exams. As a result, wait times are eliminated while care expands to underserved rural areas.

AIPDerm brings dermatology to the people at just €25 a visit. The founders hope more competition will drive down sky-high healthcare costs across Europe.

Co-founder Mate Kovacs expressed, "EU citizens should be able to access care wherever they live." 

The clinic also helps society's most vulnerable, offering free teledermatology for the homeless and isolated villages. The founders aim to expand their humanitarian efforts globally.

Founded in a time where Covid-19 was at its peak, AIP Clinic shows technology can transform healthcare for the better. Its virtual hospital erases borders to deliver care with efficiency, affordability and accessibility.