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Joining Deel, the Leading HR Platform for Tomorrow’s Workforce, will Greatly Accelerate our Mission of Helping Unlock People’s Work Potential: Mehmet Yilmaz of Zavvy

“It’s a perfect fit - our customers are looking for a one-stop-shop for all things HR, and Zavvy’s people management tools now fill in that missing piece of our global HR offering.”

SMEBRFebruary 28, 19:14
Joshua Cornelius und Mehmet Yilmaz

Joshua Cornelius und Mehmet Yilmaz (Photo Credit: Zavvy)

Zavvy was started in 2021 to help businesses like yours build high-performing teams and retain top talent with engaging career, learning, and performance programs. We’re excited to continue this mission as we combine forces with Deel, the leading Global People Platform. 

Over the past few years, Deel has disrupted the world of work by simplifying every aspect of international payroll, HR, and compliance for global teams, helping over 25,000 businesses like Nike, Reebok, Forever21, and Klarna to hire, manage, and pay teams anywhere, compliantly.

With Zavvy joining forces with Deel, we’ll be investing heavily in making our career, learning, and performance tools better than ever, with even more AI-powered features and compensation management tools to supercharge your daily workflow. 

What does this mean for Zavvy customers?

For now, Zavvy customers keep using the Zavvy platform you know and love via your usual login: app.zavvy.io. Over the next few months, we’ll integrate Zavvy’s features into Deel’s Global People Platform to form Deel Engage.

Once that process is complete, you will find all your features and data waiting for you there. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with migration developments and timelines.

Resolve issues faster thanks to a whole new level of support

Our L&D consultants are still here to help you launch new initiatives and be your sparring partner for all things learning, performance, and career. But we will also have more resources to resolve technical issues more quickly—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get even more value with free Global HR software

We’ll combine the very best aspects of our products so you can reduce manual work and unlock new insight by connecting the dots between payroll, HR, and performance for any worker, in 150 countries.

Using Deel’s free HR software, you can consolidate your employee data and payroll into a single platform that localizes everything—from onboarding to holiday days—based on location and local labor laws.

Using a different HRIS platform? No problem

Whether you want to use Deel’s free HR system or not, you can still integrate your existing systems in the way you're used to, with even more integrations.

Zavvy co-founder and co-CEO Mehmet Yilmaz said, “We started Zavvy to help unlock people’s work potential. Joining Deel - the leading HR platform for tomorrow’s workforce - will greatly accelerate this mission. Both companies are passionate about driving innovation in the HR sector, with a focus on hiring and nurturing great talent around the world.”

Deel co-founder and CEO Alex Bouaziz said, “Deel is all about helping companies get the best out of their global teams, and Zavvy’s AI technology is at the forefront of people management and talent development. It’s a perfect fit - our customers are looking for a one-stop-shop for all things HR, and Zavvy’s people management tools now fill in that missing piece of our global HR offering.”

The Zavvy PR team provided this piece to SME Business Review.