5 Best Business Consulting Firms to Watch 2024

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Top-Tier Expertise and a Methodical, Evidence-Led Approach Sets The Grafter Apart as a Leader in Our Field: Rachel Murphy

Specialising in services tailored for businesses with annual revenues between £2m and £25m, our expertise lies in guiding companies through critical phases: Growth, Scaling, and Exit strategies.



Our Intense Commitment Stems from a Genuine Desire to Secure Victories for Our Clients, Understanding that their Success is Intertwined with Ours: Marcel Oliveira of Epic Werks Media

“While there are numerous ‘marketing companies’, we exclusively collaborate with specific, down-to-earth clients who understand that content is king.”

TIMIT Solutions has the Talent and Experience to Help you Accelerate your Business

“You can get ahead of your competition with the right team in your corner.”