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Twisty New Sci-Fi Series Beacon 23 Promises Thrills and Mystery

A stranded space station, government agents, and intergalactic mysteries await in this new MGM+ show.

SMEBROctober 19, 12:43
Series Beacon 23 Looks Like Twisty Sci-Fi Fun With Lena Headey

Get ready for a thrilling new sci-fi series full of mystery and intrigue. Beacon 23, based on the novel by Hugh Howey and debuting November 12 on MGM+, looks like a twisty, high-concept show perfect for fans of cerebral, character-driven science fiction.

The show stars Game of Thrones icon Lena Headey as a mysterious government agent and If Beale Street Could Talk's Stephan James as the lone operator of a remote beacon station, one of many intergalactic lighthouses meant to guide space travelers. But as the trailer makes clear, not everything is as it seems. Strange events start occurring, calling into question the true nature of the beacon, its advanced AI system, and Headey's potentially untrustworthy agent.

With its isolated space station setting and underlying conspiracy, Beacon 23 evokes classics like Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Headey is no stranger to morally ambiguous sci-fi, having starred in the Terminator TV series, and James demonstrated his leading man chops in the acclaimed indie sci-fi film Captive State. Their pedigree, combined with executive producers Zak Penn (Ready Player One) and Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead), suggests a show with both brains and heart.

The trailer wisely plays coy, teasing the central mystery without giving too much away. It's clear that deception lurks beneath the surface, with forces unknown manipulating events on the station. Are these manipulations for good or ill? Friend or foe? The answers remain tantalizingly unclear.

With so much intrigue packed into just eight episodes, one hopes the showrunners can deliver satisfying closure within a single season. Shows based on Howey's work, like the recent series Soul, sometimes leave threads dangling. But the talent involved inspires confidence that Beacon 23 will stick the landing, answering the show's central questions while still leaving viewers wanting more adventures in this fascinating sci-fi universe.

Either way, the combination of high-concept sci-fi and prestige talent makes Beacon 23 one of the most exciting new shows this fall. Sci-fi fans will definitely want to set their beams on this mysterious beacon when it transmits onto MGM+ next month.