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VAALCO Energy: Driving Growth in the Energy Sector

VAALCO is a Houston-based company focused on oil and gas production in Africa and Canada.

SMEBROctober 23, 17:28
VAALCO Energy: Driving Growth in the Energy Sector

Along the coast of Gabon, Africa, VAALCO Energy has achieved something remarkable — steady offshore oil production through innovation and partnership.

VAALCO discovered crude in Gabonese waters back in 1998, quickly establishing the Etame field for production just four years later. The company went on to develop the Avouma and Ebouri fields through its technical know-how and strong working relationship with Gabon. In 2022 alone, VAALCO implemented an advanced floating production system and merged with another company to enhance operations.

Thanks to VAALCO's consistent leadership and engineering expertise, Gabon's daily oil output now exceeds 20,000 barrels. VAALCO has extracted over 100 million barrels from Etame, enriching Gabon's energy sector and broader economy.

But the company's lasting impact stems beyond pure production stats. VAALCO has cultivated a collaborative spirit with Gabon spanning over 35 years. This long tenure has enabled VAALCO to master asset management in Africa amidst challenging market cycles.

In 2018, VAALCO reaffirmed its Gabonese alliance by committing another 20 years. This loyalty helps VAALCO avoid missteps as it evaluates new African opportunities.

Additionally, VAALCO is developing local talent to one day manage Gabon's energy sector. The company is dedicated to training Gabonese workers through mentorship.

By investing in human capital and trust, VAALCO has become a respected community partner. Gabon appreciates that VAALCO has a shared stake in long-term prosperity, making the country more open to the company's vision.

VAALCO Energy is driving growth and making a significant impact in the oil and gas industry. With their focus on Africa and Canada, commitment to operational excellence, and dedication to shareholder value, they are set to shape the future of the energy sector.