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Australians Embrace the 'Euro summer' Craze, with Italy at the Heart of Travel Plans

Sicily has picked up, and that could be the White Lotus effect.

SMEBROctober 17, 10:08
Australians Embrace 'Euro summer' with Italy at Center of Travel Plans

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A record-breaking number of Australians jetted off to Italy this summer, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The figures show that 130,510 Australian residents returned from short trips to Italy between June and August, nearly double the number from a decade ago. 

Despite higher airfare costs, Australians have embraced travel once again, with a significant increase in trips compared to last year.

Italy experienced the greatest surge in popularity. The number of returning Australian residents who had visited Italy during the summer months rose to 130,510 this year, up from 106,420 in 2019 and 69,560 ten years ago. Travel experts attribute this trend to Italy's charm, including its food, culture, and romantic ambience. 

Anna McMurtrie, managing director of Wentworth Travel, said, “Sicily has picked up, and that could be the White Lotus effect.”

More people are choosing vacation destinations based on locations featured in popular TV shows also known as the phenomenon of "set-jetting”. Tourists are becoming increasingly interested in Sicily due to the 'White Lotus effect' after the show's second season was filmed there.

Travel experts like Dean Long, who heads the Australian Travel Industry Association, think there might be other reasons at work. These days, travelers are putting safety first, so they're not hopping between many destinations. Instead, they're staying longer in one place.

Cinzia Burnes, the executive director of Helloworld, who just came back from Sicily, noticed that because of the good exchange rate and affordable airfares, trips to Europe are becoming more appealing compared to going to the United States.

While Indonesia remained the most common destination for Australians during the summer months, with New Zealand surpassing any European country in popularity, Italy emerged as the top European choice.

Overall, the "Eurosummer" trend has drawn Australians to Italy and other European hotspots, as they seek to savour the rich culture, delectable cuisine, and captivating scenery the continent has to offer.