10 Best CX Leaders to Watch 2024

Cover Story

Jason S. Bradshaw: An Award-Winning Executive, Keynote Speaker, and Growth Accelerator

“While I cherish the impact I can make in multiple roles, there's a part of me eager to dive back into the corporate world, to once again drive exceptional customer-centered growth from within a large organization.”



I Tend to Find Similarities Rather than Differences, and I always Look for Patterns that Point the Way toward Improvement: CX Leader Roy Atkinson of Clifton Butterfield, LLC

“My focus is on the ways in which technology can improve CX and EX. Technology is always an enabler, not an end in itself.”

James Dodkins: The CX Rockstar Redefining Customer Experiences

“For me, delivering amazing shows to your fans night after night is exactly the same as delivering amazing experiences to your customers day after day.”

Faran Niaz: Leading a CX Revolution as CEO of 'CX Future' and Inspirational Speaker

Serving as a guiding force, CX Future assists organizations in recognizing, celebrating, and showcasing their achievements on the global stage.

Hannah Louise Cox: Distinguishing Herself with Accountability for Results and an Absolute Passion and Commitment to Client Satisfaction

As a thought leader in the customer experience space, she has been identified as the 'Top Female CX Talent to Watch' for the future.

Holly Richardson: A CX Leader Transforming Customer Experience for the World’s Largest Companies

“Transforming Unilever’s approach to customer experience has been a collective effort, and the positive impact on both employee engagement and customer satisfaction reaffirms the significance of a customer-driven mentality.”

Brian Solis: Shaping Global Innovation Strategies for ServiceNow's Centers Worldwide

With over 700,000 followers across social media, Brian's influence is not confined to boardrooms; it resonates with a global audience seeking insights into the transformative power of technology.

Certified as a CX Prime Leader and an Active Contributor to the Customer Experience Professional Association, Brendan Champions the Significance of Customer-Centric Ethos

Brendan's ability to adapt and contribute to various industries underscores his versatility and profound understanding of CX's universal principles.

Telecom Expert Brenda Lynn Dichoso: Leading Customer Experience Innovation at Smartfren

In the heart of Indonesia's telecommunications evolution, Brenda emerges as a protagonist, steering the narrative of Smartfren Telecom's transformative journey as the Head of Customer Experience.