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Hannah Louise Cox: Distinguishing Herself with Accountability for Results and an Absolute Passion and Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Hannah Louise Cox: Distinguishing Herself with Accountability for Results and an Absolute Passion and Commitment to Client Satisfaction

As a thought leader in the customer experience space, she has been identified as the 'Top Female CX Talent to Watch' for the future.

In a career spanning over 14 years, Hannah Louise Cox has consistently played a pivotal role in placing what she fondly refers to as 'unicorns' in senior-level marketing, operational, and digital positions. Her expertise extends to guiding companies across diverse industry sectors in identifying and attracting top-tier senior leadership talent, with a keen emphasis on Customer Experience and digital transformation.

Armed with extensive executive and senior leadership search experience, Hannah has a remarkable track record of presenting high-quality candidates with unique skill sets. Her collaborative efforts with organizations navigating large-scale transformations or experiencing rapid growth showcase her adaptability. A passionate advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, Hannah has adeptly addressed challenging placements throughout her illustrious search career.

At the core of her professional ethos lies an unwavering commitment to driving digital transformation and fostering customer-centric innovation, aimed at creating a positive impact for both clients and candidates. Over the course of her career, Hannah has successfully placed C-level executives, Directors, and senior Heads of departments, elevating their organizations' efficiency, profitability, employee engagement, Customer Experience, and digital capabilities.

Hannah Louise Cox's accolades include being recognized among the Top 10 Highest Performing New Starters Globally by Korn Ferry in 2022, securing the 11th position on Customer Experience Magazine's prestigious list of Top 50 CX Stars in 2021, and receiving the esteemed 'Outstanding Contribution to Judging' Award at the 2019 UK Digital Experience Awards.

What sets Hannah apart is not only her talent for identifying the very best candidates but also her ability to foster deep, meaningful relationships. Her commitment to taking full accountability for results, combined with an unwavering passion for client satisfaction, serves as a testament to her excellence in the field. Always open to new opportunities, Hannah Louise Cox actively seeks connections with customer-centric businesses and talented senior leaders in marketing, operations, and digital.

Unveiling the Distinctive Expertise of Hannah Louise Cox

A Visionary in Customer Experience Leadership

Meet Hannah Louise Cox, a recognized Subject Matter Expert in customer experience, renowned for supporting businesses globally in attracting people-centric, diverse, and inclusive leaders. Her transformative influence extends across marketing, operations, and digital realms, ensuring profitable commercial outcomes and demonstrable ROI.

Global Talent Architect

Building Bridges Across Diverse Leadership Pools

Hannah's journey spans well over a decade, where she has tirelessly curated talent pools of diverse senior leaders across marketing, operations, and digital. Her innate ability to discern unique client needs and navigate the intricate landscape of executive search has yielded an impressive bank of success stories and placements.

Relationship Alchemist

Fostering Trust and Meaningful Connections

At the heart of Hannah's success lies her unique skill of cultivating close and trusting relationships. Her ability to engage people in conversations about meaningful topics sets her apart, making her a dynamic and sought-after professional in the executive search space.

Diverse Industry Trailblazer

Navigating Varied Sectors with Precision

Hannah's experience encompasses multiple industries, including Financial Services, Utilities, Technology, Housing, Women in Engineering, and Women in Technology. Central to her mission is the championing of Diversity & Inclusion, a passion she has ardently pursued throughout her career.

Global Recognition and Thought Leadership

Shaping the Future Landscape of CX Talent

Ranked at number 11 in Customer Experience Magazine's esteemed list of Top Industry Professionals for 2021, Hannah's impact resonates globally. As a Thought Leader in the customer experience space, she has been identified as the 'top female CX talent to watch' for the future.

Professional Journey

Navigating Boardrooms and High-Growth Landscapes

Hannah's illustrious career includes a tenure at Korn Ferry, where her exceptional performance earned her a spot among the Top 10 Performing New Starters globally within six months. With experience at the helm of the Executive Search Practice for a boutique firm in the Customer Experience space, she has navigated boardrooms, high-growth startups, Private Equity, and IPO organizations.

Embark on a journey through the exceptional career of Hannah Louise Cox—a visionary leader, relationship alchemist, and global influencer in the ever-evolving landscape of customer experience and executive search.

Hannah's Gallop Executive: Elevating Leadership Search with Precision and Care

In the realm of premier executive search firms, Hannah Louise Cox’s Gallop Executive has emerged as a beacon of excellence, specializing in the permanent, interim, and fractional recruitment of senior leaders in marketing, operations, and digital, with an unwavering focus on customer experience.

Masters of Their Craft: A Reputation of Brilliance

Crafting Success Stories with Distinction

Gallop Executive is not just a search firm; it's a testament to brilliance. Renowned for their mastery of the industry, they bring prestige to the table through a distinguished brand reputation. Simply put, they are brilliant at what they do, offering premium-quality services that set them apart.

People First: A Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Nurturing Talent with Genuine Care

At the core of Gallop Executive's business philosophy is a genuine care for people. Their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion resonates throughout their operations, ensuring that every candidate placed is set up for success in their new role.

Bespoke Excellence: Leadership Assessment & Development

Crafting Cultural Fits for Success

Gallop Executive's commitment to high-quality service is evident in their bespoke leadership Assessment & Development methodology. This approach ensures the right cultural fit, guaranteeing success for every candidate placed.

Global Reach, Local Presence: Agility in Service

Efficiency with a Global Footprint

Operating across the UK, Europe, and globally, Gallop Executive, with its central base in the Midlands, UK, is strategically positioned to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The company's agility is a key factor in providing efficient and tailored search services.

Gallop Executive's Pledge: Power, Speed, Cadence

Power: Leveraging Network Excellence

Gallop Executive harnesses the power of its extensive network to connect clients with the very best talent. Their relentless commitment to understanding client needs ensures a personalized and impactful approach.

Speed: A Vital Element of Success

Recognizing the importance of speed, Gallop Executive prioritizes a swift process, contributing significantly to successful outcomes for both clients and candidates.

Cadence: A Rhythmic Approach to Success

Maintaining cadence and momentum is crucial in the executive search process. Gallop Executive promises full visibility, open communication, and transparency to ensure a harmonious and successful search journey.

Areas of Specialization: Navigating Diverse Landscapes

Crafting Success Across Industries

Gallop Executive's specialization extends across various sectors, including Women in Engineering, Women in Technology, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Customer Experience & Consumer, Digital Transformation, Technology (FinTech/Telecommunications), Utilities (Water Industry), and Financial Services.

Embark on a transformative journey with Gallop Executive, where precision, care, and a commitment to excellence redefine the landscape of leadership search.

Hannah Louise Cox: Paving the Way for CX Leadership Excellence

In the dynamic world of executive search and customer experience leadership, Hannah Louise Cox stands out as a luminary figure, seamlessly blending visionary insights with a profound commitment to client satisfaction. As the force behind Gallop Executive, her trailblazing journey has not only redefined leadership search but has also contributed significantly to shaping the future of customer-centric innovation and diversity in the corporate landscape.

About | Hannah Louise Cox

Hannah Louise Cox is the Founding Member, Executive Client Partner, and Head hunter at Gallop Executive.

“I help companies across industry sectors from a functional perspective to find and attract the best senior leadership talent across marketing, operations, and digital, with a focus on Customer Experience and digital transformation.”