10 Best CX Leaders to Watch 2024

List of 10 Best CX Leaders to Watch 2024 | SME Business Review

List of 10 Best CX Leaders to Watch 2024

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Name Management Description
Jason S. Bradshaw


Business Growth & Experience Management Leader, Bradshaw, Koh & Co Jason S. Bradshaw's professional journey is a remarkable story of innovation, passion, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.
Roy Atkinson


CEO, Clifton Butterfield Roy Atkinson, CEO of Clifton Butterfield, LLC, is a recognized thought leader in customer experience, service management, and IT
James Dodkins


Director of Content Marketing, Pegasystems James Dodkins, known as 'The Customer Experience Rockstar,' seamlessly transitioned from his life as an award-winning rock guitarist to become a prominent figure in the realm of customer experience (CX).
Faran Niaz


Director Customer Experience, HALA Faran Niaz, a seasoned Customer Experience Consultant, transcends traditional boundaries, becoming an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker and Keynote luminary.
Hannah Louise Cox


Executive Client Partner & Headhunter, Gallop Executive Hannah Louise Cox has consistently played a pivotal role in placing what she fondly refers to as 'unicorns' in senior-level marketing, operational, and digital positions.
Emma Donnelly


Customer Director, Wimpey plc In an era where social media has become an integral part of customer interaction, Emma Donnelly has mastered the art of navigating this dynamic terrain.
Holly Richardson


Regional Director of Marketing & CX, GaInternational Schools Partnership - Middle East Holly Richardson is a seasoned marketing and customer experience specialist known for her transformative leadership in the corporate world.
Brian Solis


Head of Global Innovation, ServiceNow Brian Solis is a digital anthropologist, futurist, and the Head of Global Innovation at ServiceNow.
Brendan Tremble


Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, CX Loop Brendan Tremble's legacy unfolds as a compelling narrative of unwavering commitment to excellence that surpasses the ordinary
Brenda Lynn Dichoso


CX Performance Management Head, PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk Brenda Lynn Dichoso's career is not merely a timeline of professional accomplishments, but a narrative infused with an unwavering commitment to the artistry of customer satisfaction.