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A Revolutionary New Merchandising Platform to Help Retailers Compete Online: Advanced Commerce

A Revolutionary New Merchandising Platform to Help Retailers Compete Online: Advanced Commerce

The company helps merchants better showcase and sell products.

Advanced Commerce provides an online visual merchandising, search and personalisation platform allowing you to take control across your eCommerce store. It offers GrapheneHC and GrapheneAI.

Advanced Commerce brings GrapheneHC to retailers, a revolutionary new merchandising platform designed to provide retailers with all the tools they need to merchandise their online stores effectively.

It is an Enterprise-grade merchandising platform, containing many new and innovative features packaged within an easy to use, intuitive user interface.

GrapheneHC has been designed to become the gold standard for Merchandising, outperforming many current platforms in terms of speed, functionality, flexibility, and price.

Merchandising Blends

Merchandising blends are the engine on which GrapheneHC runs. There is no limit to the amount of merchandising blends you can create - or what can be used in a blend. Product attributes like price, size, and in stock can be used along with site metrics such as popular, trending, average basket ads and more. Along with this you can plug in an external data feed to add any further metrics you want into your blends. GrapheneHC uses the selected blend to determine your product display sequence, ensuring the right type of products are shown every time.

Merchandising Templates

GrapheneHc’s unique merchandising templates function gives you complete control over where merchandising blends are applied on a page. It is literally as easy as creating the shape in the template builder and assigning the desired merchandising blend. You can use templates to introduce several merchandising blends into one view building complex merchandising strategies without any complex coding.

Merchandising Strategies

Merchandising strategies are essentially containers for all your merchandising effects - blends, templates and deployment rules. Strategies can be deployed across full categories, results and product recommendations. You can set default strategies and also activate further strategies with triggers - onsite actions or referring URLs creating highly customer experiences.

Merchandising Insights

Take a look under the hood of the AI engine! Once you have created your merchandising blends and strategies merchandising insights provides the reasons why products are displayed in the order they are. This gives you the power to further increase the effectiveness of your merchandising and correct Anomalies.

Introducing GrapheneAI

Combining Advanced Commerce’s gold standard for search and merchandising and Dressipi’s best-in-class real-time personalization technology for fashion and apparel for the very first time, GrapheneAI is guaranteed to deliver amazing results!

“The collaboration between Dressipi and ourselves represents probably the greatest leap in online merchandising for fashion retailers. I'm really excited about it, and every retailer I speak to is as well,” said André Brown, founder and CEO of Advanced Commerce.

e-Merchandising for Online Fashion Retailers

If you haven’t already seen the power of GrapheneAI you’ve truly been missing out. It’s not just a pretty picture - the combination of cutting-edge technologies offers a multitude of benefits that go far beyond eye candy. From giving customers an enjoyable shopping experience they deserve access to insights that help you make data-driven decisions, it’s no wonder why so many have made this dynamic duo their go-to source for online retail. What are some of the top benefits? Not even we can list them all - but let’s start with some that really stand out.

Boost your Average Order Value and Margins Whilst Slashing Returns

GrapheneAI uses AI-driven deep product tagging technology, and it’s a real game-changer. It allows you to create easy to implement, rich and effective merchandising strategies that will boost your Average Order value, significantly increase your margins and slash your returns that are incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to generate without GrapheneAI, bringing you the ability to compete with the big brands, your customers appreciating your unique products and leaving you putting on your superhero cape as you fly above the competition!

Hyper-Personalised Recommendations that Super-Charge Conversion

When it comes to picking out the perfect outfit, sometimes leaving it up to the experts can be a great way to make sure you always look your best. With GrapheneAI, your customers will now have access to something even better: hyper-personalized real-time product & outfit recommendations. The beauty of this is that it takes all of the guesswork and stress out of shopping for your customers - you can leave them feeling like they have a personal shopper who knows them best, making it easy to enjoy the satisfaction of making smart, informed decisions that transform a purchase into a statement, whilst you get to enjoy supercharged conversion rates and increased customer retention - pop some bubbly and start a victory parade because everyone’s a winner here!

Dramatically Reduce Bounce Rates Whilst Staying in Control

With product search being the go to for more and more time-challenged, attention-short shoppers, how better to keep them engaged than by returning the results they want to see. With GrapheneAI’s sophisticated NLP search and increased AI-driven attribute data you can return filtered results to long-tail search phrases with incredible accuracy - so searches like ‘black, above the knee, short sleeved, crew neck, plain dress for a special occasion in a size 10-12 for less than £50’ return exactly that - with your merchandising effects and strategies applied to the results!

André Brown | Founder & CEO

André Brown has an extensive background in the eCommerce industry. With a history of co-founding Attraqt and serving as its CEO for 15 years, he played a pivotal role in securing numerous large and well-known clients, positioning the company as a prominent player in the market. During his time at Attraqt, he successfully oversaw the acquisition of Fredhopper, one of the leading European competitors.

In 2018, André Brown made the decision to leave Attraqt and focus on his new venture, Advanced Commerce. Despite being operational for approximately one year, his platform, GrapheneHC, is the result of four years of dedicated work and the culmination of his extensive experience in the online merchandising industry. André Brown takes pride in leveraging his 15 years of knowledge to develop a unique and market-leading platform.

“The collaboration between Dressipi and ourselves represents probably the greatest leap in online merchandising for fashion retailers. I’m really excited about it, and every retailer I speak to is as well.”