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Altilia provides intelligent automation for workflow transformation.

Altilia Is the Only Provider of Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation

Optimize your document-based processes for maximum business value.

Altilia is a leading intelligent automation software company that is on a mission to democratize the use of AI to help enterprises automate document-intensive business processes. Our team consists of highly experienced AI professionals, including scientists, researchers and engineers, ready to partner with you to help solve business challenges across your organization.

Changing the Way Companies Use AI

Altilia is building and implementing a highly sophisticated AI technology that democratizes the use of AI to automate document-intensive business processes. Modern businesses today have thousands of documents from which they need to extract data and understand, but they often lack the tools and infrastructure needed to do so efficiently.

The company’s no-code SaaS-based platform enables users from all backgrounds — from highly technical to business oriented — to easily transfer knowledge into algorithms to automate document processing across all areas of their business.

Using a range of sophisticated machine learning capabilities, the Altilia platform lets you build AI models capable of processing all types of documents, with varying degrees of complexity. You can easily extract data from simpler, form-like documents (including invoices, orders and other forms) while also processing complex unstructured documents (like financial statements, balance sheets and annual reports) with the precision and accuracy of real humans.

By helping enterprises build robots to streamline and optimize these workflows, we’re accelerating processing times by several orders of magnitude. This keeps their teams from devoting too much of their time to repetitive manual work and gives them more resources to focus on higher-value priorities.

Ultimately, Altilia is helping organizations become more efficient and productive, while also making them leaner and more flexible in the face of a rapidly changing business environment. The Altilia Intelligent Automation platform is truly built for the modern, agile enterprise.

Altilia Intelligent Automation Platform

The Altilia no-code cloud-native platform provides the modern enterprise with the solutions needed to streamline the most difficult intelligent document processing problems, saving resources and vastly enhancing productivity.

Problem: Processing complex documents is a highly difficult and resource intensive-task

The modern enterprise has numerous document-intensive processes spread across its entire organization, straining available personnel and resources. Compounding the problem, many automation tools don’t have the capacity to read and understand complex documents with a high enough standard of precision and accuracy to deliver needed results. Businesses are left with either traditional (rules and OCR-based) document-processing solutions or investing in their own custom AI projects, neither of which have a high ROI.

Solution: An intelligent document-processing solution built for the enterprise

Altilia Intelligent Automation is a no-code/low-code cloud-based platform that gives enterprises the tools they need to build AI models and seamlessly automate all of their most difficult document- intensive processes. The Altilia platform is accessible to users from both technical and business- oriented backgrounds, so all stakeholders can use the platform to streamline department-specific workflows. Our platform enables the enterprise to eliminate manual, repetitive processes, reducing mistakes and giving teams more time to focus on higher-value priorities.

Massimo Ruffolo | Co-Founder & CEO

Massimo is the founder and CEO of Altilia and is an established entrepreneur with previous start-up experience. Massimo has shaped product, marketing and business strategies for substantial enterprise customers worldwide With more than 20 years’ experience with AI, ML, NLP, Big Data,machine reading  comprehension, deep learning models and more, Massimo is leading Altilia toward becoming a global contender in AI. His background includes the publication of several scientific journal articles in the field, and appearances as an expert guest speaker for AI conferences worldwide. He is a researcher for the Italian National Research Council and an external professor for the University of Calabria.

Altilia provides the modern enterprises with a no-code platform that facilitates the processing of complex document-intensive tasks across their organization.