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Collective Retreats Redefines Luxury Travel with Innovative Lodging Experiences

Transforming Hospitality: Collective Retreats Redefines Luxury Travel with Innovative Lodging Experiences

We need to protect the beautiful places we love to explore and enjoy and are committed to uplifting the people and communities we rely on for services, experiences, and indulgences.

Collective Retreats is an immersive travel company that offers a range of distinctive luxury getaways in exceptional locations, revolutionizing the lodging experience for tourists. Collective Retreats was founded on an asset-light company strategy that eliminates the permanency of brick and mortar by using fewer materials to build each location.

CEO Peter Mack, who has extensive expertise in the hotel business, accurately noted that the majority of hotel revenue is allocated to property maintenance and upkeep rather than improving the visitor experience. Many of these expenses were related to the actual hotel structure; thus, Peter made the decision to completely restructure the hotel business model in order to reallocate these funds for exceptional guest experiences and hospitality. While many hotels and resorts take great pride in the opulence and stateliness of their structures, Collective Retreats strives to minimize the separation between guests' surroundings and their lodging. The destination retreat offers the comforts of a five-star hotel to its visitors, all while maintaining a luxurious image that is refreshed annually.

Fostering Deeper Connection with Nature 

Unexpectedly, the hotel industry can be somewhat dirty. Approximately 8% of the carbon emissions in the world are caused by tourism. Most of it is released by tourists from wealthy nations, with Americans leading the pack. Collective Retreats was established to address this issue, and an intense and unwavering love unites its staff members for what they do. CEO Peter Mack says, “We need to protect the beautiful places we love to explore and enjoy and are committed to uplifting the people and communities we rely on for services, experiences, and indulgences.”

Connecting their clients to the most breathtaking natural settings has been Collective Retreats' main objective since the company's founding. In their realm, grand encounters that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor environments take the place of lobbies, hallways, and artificially enclosed spaces. 

Ample open space can be found throughout Collective Retreats, including the tall peaked lodges, the gathering common areas, the outdoor gourmet dining areas open from dawn to dusk, and the private luxury suites.

When we asked CEO Peter Mack why was Collective Retreats started, he replied, “Travel has a unique power to inspire the spirit and expand perceptions. We believe that by placing our Collective Retreats in the world’s most beautiful natural settings, we can build a community with a renewed appreciation for our collective home, the earth.”

The world's biggest and first outdoor hospitality brand to be certified as a B-Corp is Collective Retreats. 

Since the company's founding, one of Collective Retreats' main goals has been to continuously improve the social and environmental conditions of the communities they serve. The company's efforts to foster human connections, raise public awareness of the natural beauty surrounding their opulent lodgings, and uphold their firm belief that they can provide distinctive, luxurious travel experiences that are both more memorable and less exploitative than those of traditional hotels have reached a significant turning point with their B-Corp certification.

Collective Retreats is launching a whole new world of discovery where a five-star luxury experience that transforms coexists with genuine ruggedness by shattering the mold of the typical luxury hotel.

Breathtakingly Stunning Retreats at Home with Nature

For their retreats, Collective Retreats picked the most breathtaking places in the USA, frequently requiring them to make their first trips there by horseback or snowshoe. Every retreat features unique furniture, decor, and activities that complement the surrounding natural scenery. The end product is fresh viewpoints and unforgettable encounters that stick with visitors long after they depart.

Governors Island: Offering a Different Look to New York

Visitors can go on an 8-minute ferry voyage to reach Governor's Island's 173 acres of serene, expansive greenery, which is both instantly accessible and far away. Scattered from the shoreline to the retreat's big lawn are Collective Retreats' distinctive indoor and outdoor rooms, from which guests may enjoy views of New York City's untouched skyline and landmarks. 

While taking advantage of everything the island refuge has to offer, visitors may refresh and completely disconnect from city life. Among the experiences that guests may anticipate are sunrise yoga, leisurely cycling excursions, gourmet adventures, sunset cocktails, and once-in-a-lifetime views.

Hill Country: A Retreat as Bold as its Home State

Collective Retreats' Texas retreat is perched on a ridge overlooking Montesino Ranch. This property provides access to an immensely varied natural environment: the Hill Country is full of intriguing peaks, meandering rivers, and historic caverns just waiting to be discovered. It's also a growing wine region, with well-known vineyards currently located in quaint, picturesque communities.

The renovated lodgings at Collective Retreats are surrounded by the characteristic mesquite and live oak trees of the area, and they are only 90 minutes from San Antonio and less than an hour from Austin.

Vail: Come Discover 1, 000 Untouched Acres

Discover the untamed beauty of Colorado at 4 Eagle Ranch, the company's hideaway. Encircled by a thousand immaculate acres at the confluence of the Rocky Mountains and the high desert, Collective Vail transports visitors to the American West.

The most beautiful night skies may be seen throughout the evenings and guests can wake up to the sound of campfires and horse bells just a short drive away from the well-known resort town. Everyone can find something to enjoy; both thrill-seekers and relaxers are welcome.

Collective’s Culinary is Where Nature’s Bounty Meets Wood-Fire Grilling

Expert chefs at Collective Retreats create unique and delectable experiences by interpreting regional cuisine and culture in novel and creative ways.

Chef Ezra Lewis responded, “Our constantly evolving menu takes advantage of the magic of cooking in outdoor kitchens in the most spectacular settings across the country," when questioned about the Collective Retreats culinary program.”

Dining at Governors Island: Farm-to-Island Fare

The chefs at Collective Retreats craft each menu with the cultural backdrop of New York in mind, paying homage to the island location. Global influences are infused into seasonal cuisines that emphasize local purveyors and family farms. When you include their wood-fired barbecue, this place becomes the city's most creative outdoor dining option.  An 8-minute ferry ride from the city center; daily openings at 3 p.m. (with Sunday brunch optional) for both day and overnight visitors.

Dining at Vail: A Valley Of Delicious Delights

The dining options at Collective Vail are created to blend seamlessly with the distinctive valley scenery of the retreat. Open-flame cooking is used in thoughtful, chef-driven dishes, and a happy hour is held outdoors in the clean mountain air. For a genuinely unique experience, visitors can peruse carefully chosen products designed for their campfires and BBQs.

Extraordinary Destinations, Unmatchable Comfort, and Luxury

Collective Retreat's exquisite undertethe-stars gourmet dining to its uniquely designed, unforgettable lodging. Visitors discover unanticipated locations and gain a stunning new perspective on them. The business selects the finest features from each legendary place, including Vail, the Texas Hill Country, and New York City.

The opulent accommodations offered by the company are native to the area. The opulent lodgings at Collective Retreats include towering tents with a central king bed dressed in 1,500 thread count sheets and lighted by an antler chandelier, to name a few features. The uniquely designed rooms at The Retreats are furnished with furnishings that are found locally, as well as spa treatments, literature, and maps to enhance your travel experience.

A unique experience that guests won't find anywhere else is the outcome of Collective Retreats' top-notch chefs, who creatively and delectably interpret regional cuisine and ingredients.

Meet the CEO

Peter Mack is the founder and CEO of Collective Retreats. Since he was a teenager, Peter has been passionate about serving people. He received his first experience of hospitality while working as a dishwasher at a hotel. He is a graduate of Cornell University's Hotel Administration program.

“We create retreats in extraordinary destinations across the country. From New York City to Texas to Colorado, each has its own spirit and personality. And, with additional locations coming, the adventure is just beginning.”