New Meta Headset Sparks Excitement Amongst Users

“They took the set off, sat down, and that was it.”

SMEBROctober 17, 10:08
New Meta Headset Sparks Excitement Amongst Users

“They took the set off, sat down, and that was it.”

Meta's Quest 3 headset has become a sensation in the tech industry, as users are creatively incorporating it into their daily lives. The headset's ability to seamlessly blend virtual reality with the real world has captured the attention of many.

Videos have surfaced online showcasing users cooking, cleaning, and even ordering coffee while wearing the Quest 3 headset. Some users have taken it a step further, recording their experiences in public spaces. While these videos have sparked curiosity and amusement, they have also sparked discussions about privacy and social norms.

One video, in particular, shows an individual confidently walking into a San Francisco coffee shop and placing an order without hiding the cafe's address. The coffee shop owner, Ray Ng, viewed it as a lighthearted moment, with the user removing the headset after a few minutes and causing no disruption. 

“They took the set off, sat down, and that was it,” said Ray Ng, Owner of Fiddle Fig Cafe. 

However, this incident has prompted others to behave similarly, pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable.

It is important to note that attitudes towards wearable technology and privacy have evolved since the days of Google Glass. With the prevalence of smartphone cameras and the rise of influencer culture, people have become more accustomed to being recorded in public spaces.

Nevertheless, Meta may not have anticipated the Quest 3 becoming the headset of choice for these innovative users. 

While the company has provided guidelines for their Ray-Ban-like glasses, ensuring privacy and proactive disclosure of recording, the Quest 3 lacks similar published guidelines. 

Additionally, it may be challenging for bystanders to determine if the Quest 3 is recording, as it emits only a subtle white light that is already on by default.

It remains to be seen how we will navigate the balance between technological advancements and privacy concerns. Meta may need to address the need for clearer guidelines regarding the use of their headset in public spaces. The enthusiasm surrounding the Quest 3 headset is undeniable, and as discussions continue, we can expect further exploration of the boundaries between personal experiences and public interactions.