Our Recent Funding Milestone Propels us Into a Future where Conversions are Created on Autopilot and AI Innovation Seamlessly Orchestrates Impactful Lead Generation for Companies: Amir Bohnenkamp of Heyflow

“Heyflow's steadfast dedication to advancing our product, introducing cutting-edge features, and expanding into new markets positions us at the forefront.”

SMEBRMarch 1, 19:05
Heyflow founders Dustin Jaacks and Amir Bohnenkamp

Heyflow founders Dustin Jaacks and Amir Bohnenkamp (Photo Credit: Heyflow)

Just two years after securing $6 million in funding from Project A Ventures and Atlantic Labs, Heyflow has successfully closed a $16 million Series A funding round led by Singular, a European-based early stage tech VC.

In the no-code software space, where the ability to generate conversions at scale is challenging and compartmentalized in various product categories such as website builders, analytics software and workflow tools, Heyflow emerges as a platform dedicated to achieving higher conversion rates, a crucial mission for every company. Heyflow has pioneered the combination of workflows, web pages, integrations, analytics, and optimization, offering a unified, comprehensive no-code platform that empowers businesses like Rocket Mortgage, Adecco, Crédit Agricole and BCG Digital Ventures to focus on improving conversion rates. This latest funding fuels Heyflow's expansion plans and brings it closer to a future of conversions on autopilot where an AI-driven, end-to-end platform automates redundant tasks, sets up campaigns and helps effortlessly generate leads by automatically integrating insights gleaned from billions of customer data points and actionable analytics.

Since their Seed round in 2021, Heyflow has expanded to a team of 50 employees serving over 2,000 customers in 60 countries across diverse industries, including Solar, Financial Services, Real Estate, Insurance and Agencies. The new round of funding will play a crucial role in advancing Heyflow's vision of conversions on autopilot, empowering businesses of all sizes to build campaigns and optimize the entire funnel seamlessly, thereby enriching conversion optimization effortlessly.

"Heyflow's recent funding milestone propels us into a future where conversions are created on autopilot and AI innovation seamlessly orchestrates impactful lead generation for companies. Heyflow's steadfast dedication to advancing our product, introducing cutting-edge features, and expanding into new markets positions us at the forefront. This commitment allows us to sculpt the ever-evolving landscape of lead generation and conversion rate optimization.” - Amir Bohnenkamp, Heyflow CEO

Heyflow's No-Code Conversion Platform

Heyflow addresses the growing demand for user-friendly tools that enable companies to scale their conversion optimization and data analytics efforts, lowering their cost for acquiring new customers. The platform boasts an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to create a wide range of interactive elements, including forms and landing pages, without the costs and time of an engineering team. It also incorporates robust A/B testing features to continuously enhance conversion rates and the performance of lead generation. All these capabilities are delivered through a comprehensive end-to-end platform, complete with analytics that provide actionable insights for companies.

With the Series A funding secured, Heyflow plans to accelerate product development and expand its customer base into new markets. The company aims to further enhance its no-code platform, introducing advanced features and integrations that provide users with even more flexibility and creative control.

"We have followed Heyflow's journey for a long time and we are excited to see how the team has executed as well as the growth of the company. By strategically focusing its R&D on addressing previously unmet needs in disparate software, Heyflow has emerged as the comprehensive, all-in-one solution empowering customers to effortlessly generate conversions at scale. Undoubtedly, Heyflow is at the forefront, pioneering a new era in efficient and impactful conversion optimization for companies." - Raffi Kamber, Singular

The Heyflow PR team provided this piece to SME Business Review.