CrowdAI's Vision AI Revolution: Democratizing Access and Transforming Enterprises through Automated Visual Workflows

CrowdAI is the world's leading no-code platform for vision AI.

SMEBRJanuary 4, 19:28
CrowdAI's Vision AI Revolution: Democratizing Access and Transforming Enterprises through Automated Visual Workflows

Crowd AI co-founders (from left) Nicolas Borensztein, Devaki Raj, and Pablo Garcia. Courtesy CrowdAI

CrowdAI is on a mission to make vision AI accessible to all and generate significant enterprise value by automating crucial visual workflows. Through the integration of both human and computer vision capabilities, the company empowers companies of all sizes to extract value from their expanding repositories of images and videos. CrowdAI’s AI-lifecycle platform allows users, regardless of technical expertise, to seamlessly leverage cutting-edge vision AI, moving from raw pixels to impactful business outcomes with just a few clicks. Unlike platforms designed for a niche of highly technical experts, CrowdAI's platform caters to domain experts and operators of varying technical abilities, democratizing the use of advanced AI across enterprises. This approach promotes true cross-functional collaboration and institutionalizes distributed domain expertise.

CrowdAI has been utilized by leading global institutions in various applications, including combating wildfires, coordinating hurricane response efforts, addressing drug and narcotics trafficking, and optimizing quality, production, and safety efficiencies. Users rely on CrowdAI's unified platform to aggregate and organize all forms of media, prepare data for AI, train state-of-the-art model architectures, deploy deep learning models, and monitor performance over time.

In each partnership, CrowdAI remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering tangible business impact, ensuring that AI projects rapidly transition beyond research and development and innovation labs, ultimately delivering substantial and real business value.

Recent Development 

Saab, Inc. acquired CrowdAI in September last year. "Joining Saab is a momentous step for us. As part of Saab, the team we’ve built will open new doors for dual-use technological advancement that aligns with the Department of Defense’s priorities. I’m eager to contribute to Saab's important work across industries and markets,” says Devaki Raj, CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdAI.

Saab is a Swedish defense company.